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Intellectuals and the First World War. A Central European Perspective

: 26 lis 2018, 12:49
autor: Ursi
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Intellectuals and the First World War. A Central European Perspective
red. Tomasz Pudłocki , red. Kamil Ruszała
ISBN: 978-83-233-4500-8
rok: 2018
format: B5
oprawa: miękka
język publikacji: Angielski/English

Opis Książki :

This volume was planned as an academic and methodological exchange of views between historians and other scholars dealing with social history of World War I in East-Central Europe. Its main aim is an attempt to answer the question how the conflict affected intellectuals in certain clearly defined aspects (family, education, religion, gender, sexuality). Their wartime experi­ences were surely shaped by their whereabouts, everyday life matters, standard of living, and in the case of soldiers — the type of military service. We also took a closer look at members of the intelligentsia who fought in the trenches, those who worked in propaganda or those who held civil service posts in the belligerent countries. It still seems to be an important question whether the cooperation of intellectuals and scholars with the war apparatus was conscious, voluntary, whether it was a form of social mission carried out for the state or nation, or maybe an attempt by the governments and rulers to use the “naive clerks” ­instrumentally? Among many important issues there is also a reflection on the intellectuals’ stance towards militarism and the outbreak of war: their reactions, thoughts, predictions, and the way they interpreted the war events for society. That is why we also wanted to find out how the war was conceptualized by intellectuals, how it was commented upon and how the post-war reality was conceived.